Ashlyn Weber, Senior Research Analyst

As a senior Research Analyst, Ashlyn performs genealogical and general military research, compiling primary and secondary sources related to service members as well as their families and any surviving descendants. With this information, Ashlyn drafts service member narratives that are full-team reviewed and in coordination with Josh’s military engagement report.

  • Senior, Public History Major from Kansas City, Missouri
  • Attended the University of Kansas, member of the KU Student Endowment Board
  • Assistant in Park University’s Fishburn Archives and Special Collections

I have been involved with the George S. Robb Centre’s Systematic Review Project since the beginning in 2018; not only have I been able to expand my knowledge of the Great War, I have also been directly involved in the development process in regards to managing information we receive from the National Archives and descendants of Servicemembers. As a public history major, this has been an incredible opportunity for me to expand my research skills, organizational skills, and communication skills all within a topic I enjoy- being dedicated to a project such as this one has been a wonderful start to my career.

This project, in a broader perspective, will impact so many more people than we can predict at this moment. As we continue to gain more ground in our first round of research, I hope that more and more people will become aware of the Project and contribute their own memories of their family members that served. Many of these Veterans have become forgotten in time- this is our chance to tell some of those stories that have not seen the light of day until now.

Joshua Weston, Senior Military Analyst

As a Senior Military Analyst, Josh performs meticulous research in relation to the service member’s actions that resulted in being awarded the DSC, NC, or CDG, including finding the latitude, longitude, maps, weather, terrain, belligerents, effects on the enemy, enemy provisions, and military movements involved on the day of said action. With this information, Josh drafts military engagement reports that are full-team reviewed and in coordination with Ashlyn’s narrative report. 

  • Sophomore, European – Classical History with a Minor in Military Studies Major from Davenport, IA
  • Veteran who served as Military Police in the U.S. Army 
  • There is a plethora of things that I enjoy about my job. Not only does this project provide me a unique opportunity to hone my skills in research and writing but gives me a more solid foundation for a future career as a historian that is not available to students anywhere else.

This project is very meaningful to me, not just as a veteran, but as someone who loves researching and telling stories of events in the past. I am actively participating in history and giving each soldier the rightful justification that they so greatly deserve. 

We must remember that before any of these minority soldiers were sent to Europe these individuals were treated horrendously, and served a country who took them for granted, they are the forgotten soldiers who partook in valorous action but were not recognized solely based on superficial matters and/or religion. The positive impact of this project is boundless because it not only allows us to right the wrongs of the past through telling the stories and give meaning to the soldiers’ lives, it brings honor to their families while contributing to another step for a brighter future for injustices of the past to minority groups.