The Julius Ochs Adler Collection

The Julius Ochs Adler (1892-1955) Collection at the George S. Robb Centre for the Study of the Great War is a combination of personal effects, military memorabilia (pre-World War I through World War II), and scrapbooks of the Ochs and Adler Families. The Robb Centre is deeply appreciative of the donation of this collection from the Adler Family in the Summer 2021- we are incredibly grateful to be the home of Mr. Adler’s legacy. 


The Adler Collection is currently being indexed. It is broken into three categories; Service, New York Times, and Ochs-Adler.

The Collection’s Service set includes:

  • Paperwork and photographs related to the Plattsburg Preparedness Movement (Plattsburgh, NY)
  • Paperwork (including orders), Army/Division/Infantry Regiment memorabilia, personal photographs, and letters collected during World War I
  • Paperwork (general, most related to rank or promotion), photographs, event invitations from his Army Reservist tenure in the inter-Wars (1920-1940)
  • Memorabilia related to the Third Reich collected during World War II
  • Extra uniform buttons, medals, lapel pins, hats, helmet, riding stick; framed certificates of the Distinguished Service Cross, Croix de Guerre with Palm, Italian War Merit Cross

The Collection’s New York Times set includes:

  • Extra prints of NYT full papers
  • Clippings of NYT articles
  • Photographs of the New York Times building (Manhattan, NY)
  • Assorted gifts, memorabilia related to NYT service

The Collection’s Ochs-Adler set includes:

  • Assorted photographs of the Ochs-Adler families
  • A large, framed oil painting of Julius Ochs Adler, middle-aged
  • Scrapbooks of materials related to Julius Ochs Adler and Barbara Stettheimer’s engagement and marriage
  • A scrapbook of condolences related to Harry Clay Adler’s death
  • A scrapbook of condolences related to Julius Ochs Adler’s death
  • A number of items owned by Julius Ochs Adler, Jr.

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